Here are videos and quotes from women and mothers who have been involved in the Web Guardians™ programme. We are so happy that we have had a positive impact on women’s lives, educating them and empowering them to engage with their communities about online extremism, radicalisation and gangs on the internet. Listen and read below on what they had to say…

I want other mothers to be aware

I learnt how to protect my grandchildren

I now know to supervise my children

I advise all women to take the course

I like their motivation

For me, this was very good training. I learnt a lot…, how to protect my family, my children. It opened my mind to the women I work with who are refugees. I will give them this information.


I’ve learnt a lot. I didn’t have any confidence before but now I do. I think we should have more programmes like this.


I’ve come to this course and learnt a lot. They [the instructor and her assistants] really care about the learners and making sure that they keep their children safe as well as themselves.


Thank you - a personal thank you... I didn’t know about extremism on the internet and how it affects our children, now I do and I will make sure this doesn’t affect our children.


Through teaching your Web Guardians™ programme to us you have now saved our families, please go out there and save more!


This is an excellent programme.


I am very happy with the Web Guardians™ course. I am learning and being taught how to protect my children and everyone.


Some women in our communities have never used a computer before. I have, but I’ve still learned a lot about safeguarding my children from risks online. We all need to keep our children safe, not just in the Muslim community.


The course was excellent and well presented; a lot of the ladies have been affected because they know the families of the boys who left for Syria. With this course we saw how young people can be radicalised on the Internet. Now we know about it, we can help protect our children.


I would like to thank everyone at JAN Trust for the amazing work you do to educate our communities about the benefits and dangers of new age technologies. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Web Guardians™ course, and plan to implement what I learned into my daily work and family life.


I now know the signs of what we should be looking out for. We can stop our children being radicalised.


I found the programme very useful. It’s shocking to get some of the statistics and facts of the extent of radicalisation from the classes. There are a lot more elements to the course that I picked up on that I hadn’t been aware of. A very hard hitting course.


This course is brilliant – you have to run it again! It’s so interesting and informative. The classes encourage parents to go online with young people and warns mothers of the dangers of the internet. I know more people who’d like to come on this course. Every person will say they have benefited from this course. The Government says you need to educate women. This is a good programme that should be funded.


Coming to Web Guardians™ has opened our eyes. You helped us to become aware of terrorist groups such as ISIS. We used to read in the newspaper but we really didn’t know what it was all about. Now we can pass it [this information] on to our children and they can save their friends and spread the word around. We can save our generation of children from dying.


When I first came to the programme I didn’t know that much about IT and the danger of extremism but now I do. I can teach my children, and my grandchildren about these things. I can show them the way. I will also tell other children because it doesn’t only affect the child when he/she leaves to go to Syria to join ISIS or other groups but the whole family. I didn’t know these things before but because of Sajda I know a lot. Thank you.


I will definitely tell my friends and family what I have learnt. They all need to know.

Web Guardians™ participant