Here is what MPs, councils and other important dignitaries have said about our educational work with women and mothers to counter radicalisation, online extremism and gangs. We are so proud to be recognised for our innovative and important work protecting children and society. See below what they had to say about our online safeguarding mission…

Social inclusion and the empowerment of young people and women from all backgrounds are essential to solving the root causes of radicalisation, extremism and hate crime. Your projects demonstrate the importance of the work you and other organisations do to address these issues that help the most vulnerable in our country.Rt. Hon Theresa May MP, former Prime Minister
I personally see this as an excellent example of the importance of community-led schemes in tackling extremism online; thank you for your work.Rt. Hon David Cameron former MP and Prime Minister
Your programmes look to be ambitious and wide ranging which is commendable. Like many organisations across the country your contribution enables those at risk from radicalisation and isolation to fully engage in British life.Sarah Newton Former MP, former Parliamentary under-Secretary of State at the Home Office for Vulnerability, Safeguarding and Countering Extremism
I very much appreciate the dedication and hard work that the JAN Trust contributes to helping to eradicate radicalisation.Rt Hon Justine Greening Former MP, Former Secretary of State for Education and Former Minister for Women and Equalities
I appreciate that this project has taken a direct approach to provide women with the relevant tools, knowledge and support to positively engage with young people on their online interactions. Your project is playing an important role in helping build their capability to safeguard children and young people.Baroness Joanna Shields, former Minster for Internet Safety and Security
The wide ranging work of your organisation that you describe to tackle extremism in communities, and particularly among Muslim women, is commendable.Clive Betts MP, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee
Your charity has an impressive track record in this field, providing a visible and valuable front in tackling extremism ideology in Britain today.Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
I would like to congratulate the JAN Trust for taking this initiative and equipping women who are often at the heart of families and communities with skills enabling them to help prevent radicalisation and protect those communities.Mak Chishty, Former Commander, Metropolitan Police
I applaud JAN Trust's original and imaginative work in supporting mothers to keep their children safe online. Their work on combating extremist ideologies at a community level is vitally important - we have seen too many vulnerable young people led astray, causing distress to their families and in some cases wasting their entire lives. As the Labour's Party Faith Envoy, I support JAN Trust's commitment to a harmonious and inclusive society which draws strength from the contributions of its distinctive faith communities.Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP
One of the current leaders of the JAN Trust narrowly escaped death on the London underground on 7/7. Her experience then illustrates most forcefully the vital work of the Trust in fighting against violent extremism, in helping Muslim communities to integrate into British society and in emphasising the great potential of women in ethnic minorities to make these objectives succeed.Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP
In today’s volatile world, safeguarding vulnerable people from terrorism needs to be a community effort. By empowering mothers with knowledge on how to keep up to date with their child’s online world, and inspiring confidence in them to have those difficult conversations about online risks with their children, we want to further support community resilience.Chair of the Neighbourhoods, Communities & Equalities Committee, Brighton & Hove City Council
The Jan Trust delivered Web Guardians in Portsmouth. The sessions were run very successfully and engaged the audience throughout the training. I received positive feedback from attendees who felt the course was much needed and beneficial in educating parents to keep young people safe online. The participants felt empowered to become more involved in their children's online activity and developed the confidence to protect their family from extremist messages on the internet.Portsmouth City Council
A big thank you to you and the founder of JAN Trust, you all are very dedicated, passionate, definitely shines through the work you do. Keep the good work up. The women who attended from Calderdale have generally enjoyed it.Calderdale Council