Sajda Mughal

Posted by | 7th July 2020
7/7 15 years on: Sajda Mughal speaks to Nick Ferrari on LBC

15 years after surviving the London bombings, Sajda Mughal spoke to Nick Ferrari on LBC about her traumatic experience on the Piccadilly tube train that was bombed by Germaine Lindsay. ...

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Posted by | 7th July 2020
7/7 15 years on: Sajda Mughal speaks about Web Guardians on Sky News

15 years after the London bombings on the 7th of July 2005, Sajda appeared on Sky News to speak to Kay Burley about her harrowing experience and how she has...

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Posted by | 4th July 2020
7/7 15 years on: Sajda Mughal urges government reform to tackle terrorism

The 7th of July 2020 marks 15 years since the London bombings in 2005. Sajda Mughal survived the bombing at King’s Cross station, and since then, has dedicated her life...

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Posted by | 28th February 2020
‘I’m a Londoner – I survived 7/7 and now fight extremism’ – Sajda Mughal’s interview with the Evening Standard

JAN Trust CEO Sajda Mughal spoke to the Evening Standard for the I’m a Londoner series, about surviving 7/7 and how the experience led her to the work she does...

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Posted by | 13th February 2020
Sajda Mughal – Streatham attack – the need for a shakeup of the counter terrorism strategy

After the 7/7 London bombings Sajda Mughal OBE gave up her plans for a career in The City to help tackle extremism and advise the government. She told Ria Chatter...

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Posted by | 7th February 2020
Nazir Afzal on Streatham terror attack: Funding cuts to organisations like JAN Trust leads to terrorism risk

  ‘The view of most with inside knowledge of the prison system is that funding cuts have reduced the ability to manage this risk. Outside prison, organisations committed to preventing...

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Posted by | 6th February 2020
JAN Trust Patron Nazir Afzal speaks about Streatham terror attack

‘A small proportion of this cost could be used to fund preventative and de-radicalisation programmes such as the Jan Trust in London run by Sajda Mughal, herself a survivor of...

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Posted by | 9th December 2019
London Bridge attack – UK counter-terrorism failing victims and survivors

"You will not change a person's deeply entrenched radicalised mindset with only a couple of hours of deradicalisation support a week"   Our CEO Sajda Mughal OBE has written an...

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Posted by | 16th January 2019
Sajda Mughal: Can profits truly protect the vulnerable?

If we continue to allow financially driven companies to do this work, we are playing with fire. The marketisation and privatisation of welfare services over the years has led to...

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Posted by | 12th January 2019
‘A mother tells me her son joined Isis and is now dead’

Read our piece in The Guardian for an insight into our CEO’s working week at JAN Trust! It is tough work but rewarding in order to improve the empowerment of...

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Posted by | 22nd November 2018
7/7 Survivor Sajda Mughal OBE speaks out about lack of support post-attack

“Terror Survivors like myself are being consistently let down and treated with disregard by the government.” Our CEO Sajda Mughal has spoken out about the lack of NHS mental health...

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Posted by | 8th July 2018
7/7 survivor Sajda Mughal: Prevent antiterror plan is ‘failing’

JAN Trust CEO, Sajda Mughal OBE has spoken out over concern she has about the current counter-terror strategy, Prevent in The Times. Mughal has worked with the programme for over...

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