Launched by JAN Trust in 2010, Web Guardians™ is designed to educate and empower mothers to prevent online extremism and radicalisation and deal with gangs on the internet, building community resilience. This work educating women on internet safeguarding has led to awards and recognition from national government, human rights organisations, NGOs and NPOs.

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The Project

Empowering BAME women

Our goal is to empower women to counter extremism, radicalisation and gangs online.


Through our programme women are equipped with the skills to prevent online extremism, radicalisation and gang grooming, protecting their children and communities.


Women will learn how to communicate with their children about online safeguarding and the dangers of online radicalisation, extremism and gang violence.

Countering Extremism and Violence

Through education and creating space for women to speak about these issues, we want to influence others and prevent extremism and violence in all its forms.


The women and mothers we work with inform our programme and are at the centre of community resilience against gangs and extremism on the internet.


Our users will gain new internet safeguarding skills and take this into their communities to make a difference.

Over 21,000

People supported

Over 30

Ethnicities served

Over 55

Web Guardians™ programmes delivered

Over 315

Classes conducted

Latest Awards

We have won multiple awards for our pioneering work, delivering Web Guardians™ across the UK.
Thank you for your continued recognition and support!

Highly commended for ‘Community Project of the Year 2018’ at the European Diversity Awards.
Awarded ‘Improving the environment and community safety in Haringey, 2017’ at the Haringey Community Impact Awards. Also highly commended for ‘Improving the skills and prosperity of Haringey residents 2017’.
Finalist in the category of the ‘Big Impact Award’ for the Third Sector Awards.

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Take a look at video testimonials from the women and mothers who have taken part in Web Guardians™ programmes!

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What people say about us

I now know the signs of what we should be looking out for. We can stop our children being radicalised.


I will definitely tell my friends and family what I have learnt. They all need to know.”

Web Guardians™ participant

Through teaching your Web Guardians™ programme to us you have now saved our families, please go out there and save more!

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