Some great news in the fight against extremism: Twitter has announced a huge surge in requests for the removal of posts and requests for account information. Although not all the posts in question necessarily relate to terrorism, the news is a welcome sign that more is being done to disrupt dangerous content posted online and vigilance remains a top priority.
In the past six months, Twitter received 5,195 requests to remove information from 20,571 accounts.
Governments also hope the Twitter accounts hold clues that could help expose the terrorists and those who assist them. In the same period, Twitter received 5,600 requests for information on over 13,152 accounts around the world.
At a time when the most vulnerable are at risk of being sucked into violence, we are relieved to see an increasing number of people taking responsibility for ensuring the internet is a safe place that can’t be exploited by criminals and extremists. We need to especially protect our children from those who prowl the online world, waiting for their next victim. It is up to all of us to stand up and fight these threats.
At JAN Trust, we recognise the vital role of parents in this battle and seek to empower them through our Web Guardians© programme. Ensuring that mothers are able to protect their children and their loved ones against the threat of online radicalisation is our biggest priorities. The programme equips you with the necessary tools to safeguard your children from the dangers of online radicalisation.
We run workshops across the country for thousands of young people, parents and practitioners aimed at educating on the dangers of online radicalisation. If you want to get in touch and find out about workshops near you get in touch at 
Join us and become part of the fight.

Creating a safer society requires engaging with communities - this week our @WebGuardians Programme has done just that! Having important discussions about how to keep our children safe online and offline #saveourkids #knifecrime #gangs #radicalisation

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